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The Miracle of "Spiritual" Healing In Your Church Today

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 The miracle of spiritual healing in your church today Ebook


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"A Church without a healing ministry is like a restaurant without a kitchen!"


     The need for christian spiritual healing of chronic illness is huge in the Body of Christ. According to the World Christian Encyclopedia, approximately 16 million believers walk out of the Christian church each year and most do not return. Chronic disease and disillusionment is at an all time high among believers.

     Each day, thousands of believers find too wide a gap between what they are taught in church about divine healing and what they read in God's Holy Word. Many of these people walk away from their Church and Christian faith hurt and wounded, instead of loved and healed.

     The Miracle of Healing in Your Church Today offers a whole new way of thinking for many who are used to "churchianity" - relying on the religious institution, rather than the living relationship with God.  

     This study affirms spiritual healing is eternally God's domain and will, made possible through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Readers will learn why the vast majority of chronic illness is spiritually rooted, and can only be healed spiritually through faith in the "Great Physician."

     "This photo-illustrated ebook offers a long-needed explanation of divine healing, and calls for the restoration of the Christian healing ministry," says author, Jim Lynn. The author does not question the legitimacy of modern medicine, but questions why many churches today have severed divine healing from their divine calling.

     Critical at times, the author condemns secular medicine that harms or even kills in the name of healing. "Medicine that harms is of evil. Medicine that heals is of God and never harms," says Lynn. "In God's medicine chest there is no such thing as 'acceptable risk,' only healing."

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Christian healing ministry ebook

This book will help you understand:

  • Why so many Christians suffer with chronic illness.
  • Why so few who pray for healing are healed.
  • How and why the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all inclusive of healing our body, spirit and soul.
  • The biblical foundation and model for healing ministries today.
  • Why the mission of the Church is unfulfilled without a healing ministry.
  • How pharmaceutical drugs affect us spiritually.
  • Why it is important to seek out physicians who honor God as our Healer and who respect their patients in body, spirit and soul.

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Ebook Bonuses

Twelve-Week Lesson Plan: The paid version ebook also includes a twelve-week lesson plan, perfect for small group studies and Bible class curriculums. Each lesson includes knowledge questions to re-enforce learning, and group discussion questions to generate feedback. Best of all, each Lesson is configured to print formatted full-size pages.

Three powerhouse bonus articles are also included in the book:

  1. What The Bible Says About Your Immune System.
  2. The Spiritual Root Cause of Breast Cancer.
  3. The Hidden Chamber.

Requires Windows Operating System/Internet Explorer 5.5 +. Ebook is Downloaded as a zipped .exe file. File size is 5.59 MB unzipped.

The cost to purchase the entire book is $14.95 (one half the cost of the 300 page paperback version). You may download the first three chapters free of charge (see form above), or purchase the entire ebook now for only $14.95 by clicking on the link below.

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Plus you have my personal guarantee this writing is Bible-based, non-denominational, and fully referenced. You'll find many footnotes thoughout the study.

Jim Lynn

P.S. The 300 page paper-back verison of this book is available at online bookstores, or from the publisher. The paper-back version does NOT include the twelve-week small group Bible study.

What readers say about the book, The Miracle of Healing Today

I couldn't put the book down until I finished it. I give it an A+

Amazon.com book reviewer


I just finished reading your book and wanted to write to tell you what a blessing it is to me. As a Pastor I appreciate the quality of research as to the historical and biblical reasons for lack of healing and what can be done to bring the Church to the point of power and victory over Satan and disease. Your book is well written and easy to understand. Very user friendly. I would recommend it to the Church.

Rev. James Slow

United Church of Christ, IL

The Miracle of Healing In Your Church Today needs to be read and studied by lay Christians and Clergy alike. Pastor Jim Lynn's biblical insight and knowledge provides us with a spiritual foundation to call upon Jesus Christ for healing, and offers the biblical model for healing ministries in today’s Church.

Dr. Ann Blake Tracy         

International Coalition For Drug Awareness

This book has restored my health and faith in God to heal. Thank you.  Annette Kemper, TN

Pastor Lynn's book is a must read for pastors and church leaders. Sharon R Ahearn, CA


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